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Divya Dutta: Earlier people thought female directors only worked on art films, Farah Khan, Zoya Akhtar changed it

Actor Divya Dutta is focusing on good health and work as she prepares to welcome the new year. With multiple films lined up, she tells Hindustan Times, “I am glad that things which I didn’t plan happened and it worked out. With two hits, all of my films were very distinctively different from each other. They have been liked and I would say it’s blessing.” Also read: Divya Dutta says ‘the biggest director’ called her after seeing Dhaakad poster

“I have another blessing this year, my house. A new address, which is beautiful and whoever comes, they like it. More than anyone I love it here. This is the kind of house I would have wanted for myself.” The actor doesn’t believe in new year’s resolutions as thinks it is overhyped.

Divya Dutta is ready to dive into 2023 with two untitled web shows and a Dibakar Banerjee film where she is playing a copy. She also has Sharmaji Ki Beti, which marks the directorial debut of author Tahira Kashyap who is also actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife.

Talking about working with Tahira, Divya dubbed their work as a ‘sweet film.’ “Tahira is someone who is full of life. When she is on the set, everyone becomes happy, it’s like a picnic. But once she says ‘action’ it’s a metamorphosis. She just wants the job done. Her positivity gets on to you very much,” added the actor who calls her director ‘a beautiful influence.’

Divya in her career, spanning decades, worked with many female directors, ranging from Pamela Rooks to Tanuja Chandra. Ask her about how it feels to work on a project with a female perspective, and she explains, “It’s a good director and a bad director. Of course, with a female director, there’s a female sensibility and it depends on what subject you are dealing with. Pehle kaha jata tha female directors sirf art films banati hain. Now it has changed. It cannot be categorised. I feel gradually this has broken with Farah Khan, Zoya Akhtar and now Tahira coming in. so many young people are now coming up who understand the audience. It’s delightful.”

Recently Divya broke her shoes during an event where she was appearing as a moderator. Who came to her rescue was lyricist Gulzar who cheered her up with a poem, apt for the situation. So, what really happened? Divya recalls, “I was embarrassed. Felt like Cinderella who broke her shoes. Gulzar sahab was across the room, sitting and looking very calmly. He came and recited a poem which totally matched my situation. It was so beautiful. I felt like I could walk even barefoot after listening to him. I think that the power of magical words coming from a legend like him lightened up the situation for me.”

Divya was recently in Shimla for a shoot. In between the shoot, she made most of her breaks by exploring the place, amid the local crowd but in a camouflaged avatar. She shares her experience, “I looked like Daaku Mangal Singh with a face mask, muffler and a coat. I think people used to recognise me only when I spoke. I used to run away by the time they recognised my voice. But, I also had my team around.”

“There was a buzz that I am around but I beautifully camouflaged myself. It was lovely to just sit around the bench and hear people talk about their daily life. It felt very normal,” she adds. Many times, celebrities have made public appearances in secret and gone unnoticed. Other times, they do it for promotions. But, Divya clarified hers was just for rejuvenation and no publicity gimmick. “But, noone could catch me, so mine wasn’t publicity. For me, the happiness of my soul matters. I should do what makes me happy. Of course, people around me are important but that isn’t the prime.”


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