WATCH: Instagram Model Mary Magdalene Calls Herself The ‘Uniboob Queen’ After Suffering 38J Breast Implant Burst

Instagram model Mary Magdalene, best known for her cosmetic enhancements, is referring to herself as the “Uniboob Queen” after suffering a breast implant burst. The model also revealed that she has plans to “go back natural.”

The Model Shared The Update Via Instagram Earlier This Week

Magdalene took to Instagram earlier this week to share a video update with fans.

Hey guys, so this is my boob now…

Magdalene explained as she turned to the side to show viewers a portion of her deflated chest area.

Basically, my breast implant popped, again. And I’m having surgery to take them out next week. I am going to go back natural — not just my boobs but other parts of my body.

The model then turns her full body to the side and asks viewers if they think she should keep her new look or proceed with the surgery.

Magdalene Hopped Back On Instagram To Share That She’s “Embracing” Her New Look

On Thursday, the model returned to Instagram to share that she’s been “embracing” her “uniboob.”

She then followed up with another video of herself, and dubbed herself the “Uniboob Queen.”

Social Media Users Express Concern For Magdalene

Social media users have flocked to the model’s Instagram comments, expressing their concern for her.

You’re lucky you’re still alive. 😢


Go go get that fixed that isn’t healthy!!!


Are you sure you’re fine????

Others shared positive words.

I love that you can have fun with these things and have a laugh, you’re all positive vibes and girl, you’re a pure soul 👏👏


Mary you are one of a kind 😂❤️


t’s ok baby you going look so good soon plus at least u experience uni boob 😂one of kind experience as long as ur safe 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

More About Magdalene’s Cosmetic Surgeries And Past

As of Thursday evening, the model confirmed, via her Instagram Story, that she will be moving forward with the removal surgery. And is currently in Europe to start the process.

You guys *I am* removing them and going back natural that’s why I am in Europe right now in a hotel room… my surgeries r in a few days… I am actually not just going to leave it like that but that wud deff be a moment

According to Daily Mail, the 30-year-old Canadian model has “spent more than $100,000 on surgery over the years.” And almost lost her life on the operating table. Additionally, the outlet reports that the surgery has left the woman “in so much pain,” that sometimes she even uses a wheelchair to get herself around.

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